The Scoop on Protein: What You Really Need to Know

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Do you need protein to recover from training and improve performance?

When you train you break down tissue, especially muscle tissue. The harder and more intense the workout you do, the greater the muscle damage will be. To heal these micro-damages to the muscle, the body needs rest and the right nutrients to rebuild. The body’s response to exercise is to rebuild to a level where the muscles are stronger than before the exercise to prepare for a new workout. Providing the body with the nutrients it needs for recovery and building new muscle protein is essential.

Proteins are the building blocks in our body and critical for life, but are rarely used for energy. There is no storage for protein in the body which means we need to get it every day from our diet. Proteins contribute the structure and function of cells and tissues. They are used for normal growth as well as tissue repair and are necessary to maintain good health.

Proteins are made up of long chains of amino acids in different combinations that are linked to each other. When you eat protein, this chain is broken down to smaller pieces called peptides and amino acids both mechanically by chewing and by enzymes in saliva and in the stomach. Single amino acids and peptides are then taken up by the intestines and transported via the blood stream to different tissues in your body including your muscles. Some amino acids are essential which means you need to get those from your diet to get the full benefit.


Fuel Your Body Post-Workout.

What foods are high in protein?    

There are plenty of options for getting your protein. Most people think of animal proteins like beef, pork, chicken, turkey and fish, but protein exists in other foods such as eggs, nuts and some dairy sources such as milk or Greek yogurt.

Your body’s need for protein depends on your body size and muscle mass. If you are living a fairly sedentary lifestyle, it is recommended that you get 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight. However, if you are an athlete or someone who trains at a high intensity, more protein is needed for the wear and tear that takes place on your muscles and you should aim for 1.5g of protein per kilogram of body weight.

When should I eat protein?

Consuming protein immediately after exercise has been shown to maximize protein synthesis and adaptation. What is even more important is to make sure you get sufficient protein spaced out throughout the day so your body doesn’t run out of the building blocks it needs.

Maintaining muscle mass also plays a critical role in maintaining good health in aging. Even small losses of muscle mass can impact health and the ability to maintain an active life. Therefore, elderly or people with a low caloric intake can benefit from supplementing their diet with additional protein.

 PurePharma PR3

Know your sources.

What to look for in a protein supplement.

Whole foods are always the best option to get your protein but when you need protein on the go or in-between workouts, protien supplements are a great alternative.

The most important thing to look for is that your protein has a complete amino acid profile. This means that it contains all the essential amino acids.

Leucine has been shown to serve a special role when it comes to stimulation of muscle protein synthesis. Unlike other amino acids, leucine has a direct effect on the initiation of protein synthesis by triggering the translation of genes. Leucine is called the “sports amino acid” because it powers your body to build muscle. To recover optimally, each serving should contain a minimum of 1.5 g of leucine.

What’s in our PR3 rice protein? 

PurePharma PR#

Organic Rice Protein Concentrate

PurePharma PR3 contains 24 g of protein gently extracted from sprouted brown rice to provide essential protein to allow you to rebuild.

Organic whole grain brown rice includes both the bran and the endosperm layers of the grain. Sprouting the rice grain before processing increases the amount of dietary fiber and allows for extraction of the protein from the rice germ as well as increasing the levels of B vitamins, while eliminating anti-nutrients. This ensures that PR3 has a complete amino acid profile containing all 20 amino acids and a high level of the amino acid “leucine”, containing 2 g of leucine per serving.

Organic rice protein is a hypoallergenic, dairy, lactose and soy free source of protein in comparison to other protein sources such as whey protein or soy protein. Our organic rice protein also contains no gluten or corn.

Organic Freeze-dried Coconut Water 

Organic coconut water naturally contains vitamins, minerals and important electrolytes, providing a great tasting addition to PR3 to help replenish electrolytes lost during training.

Organic coconut water is harvested from the core of young, green coconuts. The coconut water used in PurePharma PR3 is then dehydrated using a freeze drying technique, removing all water but leaving all of the beneficial components, including its precious electrolytes, which include calcium, magnesium and potassium as well as a range of vitamins.

During exercise, large amounts of potassium ions are lost through sweat, which is one of the primary causes of muscle cramping. The high potassium content of the dehydrated coconut water in PurePharma PR3 is perfect for combating the effects of potassium depletion after exercise and therefore reducing the risk of cramps and restoring electrolyte balance.

Collagen Peptides

Collagen is the largest and most abundant protein in the body and is especially found in connective tissue such as bones, cartilage, tendons, skin and hair.

Exercise wears on your tendons and joints. Connective tissue responds and adapts to training a lot slower than muscle. Therefore, it is important to also support these tissues  so they don’t become weak links that impact your training and performance.

2.5g of bioactive collagen contained in PurePharma PR3 provide essential peptides that help you rebuild and maintain the strength of bones, joints and ligaments.

Additional ingredients 

PurePharma PR3 contains Dutch cocoa for a smooth and rich chocolate flavor. Dutch processing of raw cocoa results in lower acidity, increased solubility and a smoother flavor. Dutch processed cocoa provides a healthful dose of antioxidants. Antioxidants play a vital role in inhibiting the formation of free radicals and thus defend us from cellular damage, aging and disease. Dutch cocoa also contains flavonoids, which are naturally occurring in plants. They have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant functions.

Cocoa also contains serotonin and tryptophan, which can has been shown to have positive effects on mood and promote feelings of happiness, in addition to improving sleep quality. Polyphenols from cocoa can deliver cardio-protective effects to help your heart, due to antioxidant or antithrombotic benefits.

Organic stevia is also added for a touch of sweetness. Stevia, unlike other artificial sweeteners, is natural sourced from the leaves from the Stevia plant. Stevia is 100 times sweeter than cane sugar and it has a negligible effect on blood sugar. There is just 0.08 g of stevia per serving.


Enjoy Your Recovery.

What do I mix it with?

You can mix our protein with just water or your choice of milk or coconut water in a shaker bottle. Many people find that rice protein has a different texture than whey. To combat this difference, blend with other ingredients such as coffee, bananas, nut butter, cinnamon. You can even bake with protein for some snacks that you can take on the go.


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