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30 May - 5 Jun 2016

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PurePharma OMD Collection


(U.P. S$124)

Dial in your nutrition with the essential PurePharma Collection.

1 x PurePharma O3 (120's)

With high concentrations, natural triglycerides and third-party certification, O3 is the purest and most powerful fish oil available.

1 x PurePharma M3 (120's)

M3 combines magnesium, zinc, vitamin B6 and malic acid to provide the essential minerals that your body needs.

1 x PurePharma D3 (120's)

Vitamin D3, gently extracted from a natural source, with organic coconut oil to ensure maximum absorption.


    PP3 & SB3 Better Together


    (U.P. S$194)

    PP3 & SB3

    PP3 and SB3 make an exceptional pair. PP3 addresses three of the most common nutritional deficiencies in the Western diet, while SB3 supports your gut and immune system. Together they help you become healthier from the inside out.

    This complete health package combines:

      1 x PurePharma-3 (30 daily servings)

      We bundled fish oil, vitamin D3 and magnesium together to give you the daily dose of vitamins and minerals that are most commonly missing from our diets. With PP3, you’ll get all you wanted (and more!) in one simple, daily package. This trio works together to reduce inflammation, strengthen your bones and help you sleep so you’re the best you every day.

      1 x SB3 (30 daily servings)

      Your gut flora contains trillions of bacteria of different types. In a healthy gut, most of these are "good" bacteria, which help you fight pathogens and protect you against unwanted germs. Unfortunately, lack of sleep, processed food and stress can upset your natural balance. SB3 combines probiotics, prebiotics and vitamin C to keep your gut healthy no matter what life throws at you.