PurePharma Synbiotics SB3

PurePharma SB3


Your gut flora contains trillions of bacteria of different types. In a healthy gut, most of these are "good" bacteria, which help you fight pathogens and protect you against unwanted germs. Unfortunately, lack of sleep, processed food and stress can upset your natural balance. SB3 keeps your gut healthy no matter what life throws at you.


Health and well-being begin within. SB3 is designed to give you the perfect formula for gut health. Some of the world's most well documented strains, BB-12® and PCC® contribute to your gut's team of good bacteria. However, all living things need food. With a full spectrum of prebiotic fiber, the good bacteria have everything they need to thrive and so do you.


Nobody likes getting sick. The good bacteria in SB3 is your inner line of defense against germs and pathogens, while 200 mg of vitamin C defends your cells from oxidative stress and inflammation - the perfect synergy. This combination provides your body precisely what it needs to strengthen your immune system.


Our unique blend of probiotics, prebiotics and vitamin C come freeze-dried in single serve packs. Because probiotic bacteria are activated by moisture, we've created innovative packaging that keeps 99.99% of moisture out, protecting your SB3 until you're ready to drink it. With this kind of convenience, you can take SB3 wherever life takes you.


Your day is not complete without SB3. We recommend having one stick per day before or with a meal. Simply mix the contents of an SB3 stick with cold juice or water for a delicious cranberry-flavored drink!


Every SB3 stick contains 13 billion live probiotic bacteria from some of the world's most well documented strains: BB-12® and PCC®.


Our unique blend of indigestible prebiotic fibers pass through your stomach without being processed. They function as food for probiotic bacteria so you get the most of your supplement.

Vitamin C

Each SB3 serving contains 200mg of vitamin C, giving you an antioxidant boost to fight off the cell damage caused by daily wear and tear.


SB3 Quality Standards


What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria also known as "good" bacteria. You have 3-5 lbs of bacteria in your digestive system and probiotic bacteria serve as the body's inner line of defense. They help your digestion and support the immune system by fighting the "bad" bacteria.

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are indigestible carbohydrates/fiber that act as food for probiotic bacteria, which allows them to grow and thrive in the gut.

What's the difference between a Prebiotic and Probiotic?

Probiotics are live, beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics are not alive, but indigestible fiber that functions as food to promote the growth of the probiotic bacteria. When probiotics and prebiotics are combined, they form a synbiotic - like SB3.

What does Synbiotic mean?

A synbiotic product combines probiotic bacteria with prebiotic fiber. The prebiotic fiber serves as food for the probiotic bacteria - working in synergy, hence the description "synbiotic".

What does Vitamin C do?

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that works in your cells as a powerful antioxidant to repair some of the damage that occurs from daily wear and tear.

How should I choose a Probiotic?

To have any effect probiotic bacteria must be alive when reaching the gut, so you should look for a probiotic that guarantees at least 2 billion live bacteria. Each type of bacteria has a unique function, thus, you should look for a product that contains well-documented strains with demonstrated benefits. In short, you want the right type of bacteria, you want enough of them and they need to be alive so they can thrive in your gut.

What does a Probiotic do for you? 
Probiotic supplements give your gut a boost of good bacteria. They help serve as the body's inner line of defense. They help your digestion and support the immune system by fighting the "bad" bacteria.
How is SB3 different from other synbiotics?

SB3 contains the 2 probiotic bacteria strains BB-12® and PCC®, some of the world's most well documented strains. It has a full spectrum of prebiotic fibers to secure nutrients for the "good" bacteria throughout your gut. In addition, it contains vitamin C that works as an antioxidant inside the cells of your body.

When should I take SB3?

Take your SB3 supplement 30 minutes before eating or with a meal.

What is the best way to take SB3?

SB3 can be mixed with cold water, juice or milk, mixed in with yoghurt or taken straight from the stick.

How many servings should I take a day?

Take one SB3 stick per day.

How can SB3 help me boost my immune system?

In combination, these 3 ingredients work in synergy to support your immune system as your inner line of defense.

Is SB3 vegan?

SB3 does not contain any ingredients derived from animal sources and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Can children supplement with SB3?

As with any dietary supplement, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product.

How might training increase/decrease the need for this product?

Exercise has been shown to be beneficial for the gut biome. It improves diversity and number of bacteria in the gut, however high intensity exercise places the body under a lot of stress, which can have a negative impact on the gut bacteria.